27 Jul 20 - 10 Aug 20

Online Forum: Infocouncil - LG Hub Governance Professionals and Committee Advisors

This online forum, delivered over four modules, will explore how we managed during COVID-19, how to manage risk in LGOIMA, legislation changes for central and local government and an interview with one of our new young councillors.

11 Aug 20

Webinar: Our Ageing Population - Opportunities and Challenges for Local Government

Office for Seniors Director, Diane Turner, will discuss the new strategy for our ageing population Better Later Life He Oranga Kaumātua 2019 to 2034 and how local government can contribute to achieving the vision of older people leading valued, connected and fulfilling lives

12 Aug 20

Webinar: Using procurement to enhance recovery and meet OAG requirements

Join the Integral Group Ltd webinar, presented by Frank Aldridge to explore how to use procurement to enhance recovery and meet OAG requirements. This is part one of the series.

14 Aug 20 - 28 Aug 20

Chief Executives & Senior Leaders Leadership Programme 2020 - Ethical leadership in the post-COVID environment

This programme replaces our popular senior leaders masterclass, and supplements our condensed Chief Executives Forum this year. The first interactive webinar & action learning group session will focus on Ethical leadership in the post-COVID environment.

19 Aug 20 - 08 Dec 20

LG Accelerated Leadership Programme - Northland Programme

LG Accelerated Leadership is a highly interactive, practical programme designed to allow participants to discuss and debate the qualities and behaviours of great leaders. It focusses on authentic leadership, making a difference in their role, and delivering results for their councils.

19 Aug 20

Webinar: How to use Collaborative Agile Procurement to drive best value

This is the second session in the series delivered by Integral Group Ltd, join this webinar to explore the tools and techniques of "Collaborative Agile Procurement".

20 Aug 20

Webinar: The New NPS Urban Development

The latest changes to the NPS-UD will come into effect on 20 August. Much media attention has centred on the removal of abilities to require car parks, but the package has been presented as a set of measures to encourage the development of higher urban density.

21 Aug 20

Webinar: The Randerson report: A roadmap for the future of planning?

Sarah Scott, partner with Simpson Grierson, will discuss what is a once in a generation reform proposal and its implications for the sector and for the environment.

24 Aug 20 - 26 Aug 20

Online Forum: The Last Stop for the LTP'21

(aka the Community Plan Forum Online)

10 Sep 20

Members only - AGM

Save the Date. This year’s AGM will take place online. More details to come.

15 Sep 20

2020 Deconstructed Summit Christchurch: Beyond Lockdown - Reimagining our Future

Registrations are open for our 2020 Annual Summit (sponsored by Simpson Grierson)

18 Sep 20

2020 Deconstructed Summit Taupō: Beyond Lockdown – Reimagining our Future.

Registrations are open for our 2020 Annual Summit (sponsored by Simpson Grierson)

07 Oct 20

Webinar: A Whole New Ball Game? The Post-Covid Economy and the 2020 SOLGM/BERL Adjustors

One of New Zealand’s leading economic forecasters, Dr Ganesh Nana, will provide an overview of the economic backdrop for the LTP and how that’s played out in the production of this year’s adjustors. .