29 Jul 19-30 Jul 19

Infocouncil - LG Hub Governance Professionals & Committee Advisors Forum

This year’s Forum focuses on assisting newly elected members with the decision-making process post-elections, including what Governance Professionals can do to support a new CEO, inductions, and how to support a new Mayor/Chair. With a host of workshop options to choose from, you can tailor your Forum to suit your needs and interests.

12 Aug 19-13 Aug 19

Community Plan Forum

For those involved in the direction setting, community planning and engagement processes of the LTPs.

03 Sep 19

Persuasive Adviser Training for Senior Leaders - Places are limited to 18

The Persuasive Adviser programme tackles the challenge internal advisers have with cutting through with their advice. It will give you all you need to make the difference you know you can make, to get invited to provide your advice 5 or 10 times more than you are now, so you can create the change that is needed.


21 Oct 19-22 Oct 19

Funding and Rating Forum 2019

For finance managers, revenue managers, rating staff and legal staff.


31 Oct 19-01 Nov 19

Communication and Engagement Forum 2019

For internal and external communications and community engagement professionals.


19 Nov 19-20 Nov 19

Contract Management - Wellington

For those within councils who are involved with contracts and procurement. This workshop covers how to negotiate, monitor and manage effective contracts with suppliers.