About the McGredy Winder SOLGM Local Government Excellence Awards®

What are the Excellence Awards?

The awards, held annually, recognise excellence and innovation in local government management. The six categories that are recognised in the awards each represent a key characteristic of effective management of local communities;

  • developing our organisations and people
  • transforming our services
  • managing our infrastructure
  • building and maintaining effective relationships with our communities
  • collaboration with other government agencies that produces results and
  • developing effective policies and regulations

The 2019 Award Category Winners

Winner of The Capability Group Award for Innovation in Organisation and People Development

This category recognises innovative approaches to building an exceptional organisational culture or capability through the application of transformational leadership.

Winner of the BERL Award for Collaborative Government Action

This category recognises outstanding results that have been achieved through local authorities working with other government agencies.

Winner of the LGFA Award for Transforming Service Delivery

This category recognises programmes or projects that result in an exceptional service experience through innovative delivery models or the redesign of business processes or practices.

Winner of The Minister of Local Government's Award for Council/Community Relations

This category recognises programmes, projects or initiatives that demonstrate outstanding results through innovative means of community engagement or community empowerment.

Winner of the GHD Advisory Award for Innovation in Infrastructure and Asset Management

This category recognises procedures, planning or practices that demonstrate innovative approaches to the management of assets.

Winner of the Tompkins Wake Award for Better Regulation and Policy

This category recognises the development of robust and effective evidence-based policy or local regulatory initiatives.

How to apply

If you have any queries regarding these Awards please contact raymond.horan@solgm.org.nz or phone 04 978 1283.

Applications for 2020 Awards will open in November 2019