New Zealand Government Procurement is a branch of MBIE which has been set up to assist government agencies, including local government, with their procurement. They can offer a wide range of services which can help you to add value and maximise results through best practice procurement processes, simply put we are here to help you get best value for your procurement spend. New Zealand Government Procurement can also act as a point of contact between agencies who are experiencing similar issues or planning to procure similar, or the same services. All public entities, including councils, are looking to reduce costs and spend their rate and tax money wisely. MBIE can help you to achieve this in a number of ways, here are some of them:

  • Firstly there are All of Government (AoG) contracts which range from Electricity, via Office Supplies, Legal Services and Recruitment to Vehicles and Travel Management. These contracts are set up to take advantage of the economies of scale that an all of government approach gives and also removes the cost and time needed by councils to go through a full RFP process. For a full list see the contact details below.
  • Offering training such as a "Procurement 101" course and have our on line Procurement Capability Index (PCI) which enables you to understand how to raise your procurement capability and set yourself targets to achieve this.
  • A Commercial Pool of procurement consultants who can be employed to assist with large projects or even to be a temporary procurement resource. For instance some of the consultants are involved with the Antarctic Research Base refit, the exhibition at the World Expo in Dubai in 2020 and have helped with the rebuild of the Law Courts in Christchurch. They have also been employed as the temporary procurement managers at some agencies who are between managers.

There is a wealth of procurement and commercial knowledge in MBIE which councils can take advantage of. Whether you need information about any of our AoG contracts, advice about how to raise your procurement capability or any other related issues please contact your Local Government Account Manager, Andrew Thrift and he will be happy to help you.

For more information check out or contact Andrew at: