Submission of the Society of Local Government Managers on the Justice and Electoral Inquiry into the 2016 Local Elections

Our submission is in three parts. The first discusses election communications and promotion issues including joining up the work of the agencies involve in local election communications, civics, and the role of social media. The second substantive section deals with issues that arose in preparation for the (aborted) trial of online voting and how this might be progressed in future. And finally, section three covers other technical and procedural issues that we would like to draw to the Committee's attention.

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Supplementary Submission to the SOLGM Submission on the Inquiry into the 2016 Local Elections

In May, the Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) made a submission to the then Justice and Electoral Committee Inquiry into the 2016 Local Elections. This supplementary submission:

  • reports on the items from the SOLGM submission to the Justice and Electoral Committee where we stated we were considering matters further and would report back
  • raises several issues that have arisen in the period since we lodged our submission (May 2017).

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