For finance managers, revenue managers, rating staff and legal staff.

  • 21 Oct 2019-22 Oct 2019
  • 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
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  • Rydges Hotel, 75 Featherston St, Wellington, Wellington City, New Zealand
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About this event


The Funding and Rating Forum is a two day event designed to build knowledge and awareness of funding and rating policy issues and practice challenges across the sector.

This year’s Forum takes place against the backdrop of two major policy reviews – the inquiry into Local Government Funding and Financing, the DIA led Infrastructure Funding and the DIA/Te Puni Kōkiri review of the rating of Māori land. We’ll bring you the latest with each of these reviews and have a think about what each of these might mean for the sector.

Last year you told us you wanted to hear more about funding sources other than rates. We have sessions on setting fees and charges (both the theoretical and the practical), crowd-funding and sponsorship.

We have restored the “one day policy, one day practice” focus for the event. As always, there is a mix of formal presentations, information sharing discussion groups, and thought-provoking panels.


Day 1 +2 & Dinner - Member: $935.00+GST/Non-member: $1,060.oo+GST

Day 1 Only & Dinner - Member: $623.00+GST/Non-member: $707.00+GST

Day 2 Only - Member: $575.00+GST/Non-member: $680.00+GST

Who should attend:

- Finance managers and staff
- Rating and revenue managers
- Anyone with an interest in financial strategy, funding policy, or development contributions

    Topics to be covered include:

    - the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into Local Government Funding and Financing
    - funding tools for growth infrastructure
    - setting fees and charges
    - third party funding – crowdfunding, sponsorship etc
    - the online rates rebates trial
    - rating of Māori land and
    - the ‘usual’ updates on valuation and land information issues, legal matters, and (of course) what’s coming up in the sector and from the Wellington ‘beltway’.

      Note: Claiming CPD Credits

      Delegates at this Forum who are members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) may be able to claim credits towards meeting their Continuing Professional Development requirements. Delegates wishing to pursue this should provide CA ANZ with the forum’s outline and confirmation – which we can supply, of their attendance.

      Day One: Funding and Rating Policy Day

      9.30am Introduction to the Forum
      Raymond Horan, Chief Adviser, SOLGM

      9.40am Takeaways from the Productivity Commission’s Report
      Raymond Horan, Chief Adviser, SOLGM
      Martin Read, Manager, Financial Strategy & Treasury, Wellington City Council
      Bronda Smith, CFO, Central Hawkes Bay District Council

      The Productivity Commission’s draft report has made 30 recommendations for change to the way that local authorities fund, plan, make decisions and how hardship is addressed. To begin the Forum, we start with a reminder of what’s up for discussion and two practitioners talk about what it means for the sector, and their particular part of the sector.

      10.40am Funding Tools for Growth Infrastructure
      Andrew Duncan, Financial Policy Manager, Auckland Council

      11.30am A Word from our Sponsor: Ibis information Systems

      12.00pm Lunch

      12.40pm Marketplace of Information - Session One

      Choose from one:

      A. A Practical Guide to Crowdfunding - led by Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM
      Crowdfunding is becoming a more prevalent way of local authorities funding community projects. Raymond will present the perspectives and tips that two of the English agencies in SOLGM’s network have to share.

      B. Targeted Rating Issues - led by Pauline Jackson, Senior Revenue Officer, Mackenzie District Council
      Defining SUIPs (including making the line calls), making the policy decision to go for a targeted rate, creative use of targeted rating powers, maintenance of the necessary RID information and other issues with targeted rates.

      C. The Kāpiti Coast District Council Rating Review - Jacinta Straker, Chief Financial Officer, Kāpiti Coast District Council
      Jacinta will talk about KCDC’s 2017 rates review including the council’s approach to determining what’s affordable.

      1.40pm Marketplace of Information - Session Two

      Choose from one:

      A. Setting Fees and Charges - led by Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM
      According to Statistics New Zealand, sales of good and services make up around one-sixth of our sector’s operating income. Getting the fees and charges right is an important decision both for the amount of revenue involved and for the economic signals that pricing sends. This session provides an overview of the key aspects if SOLGM’s guidance on setting fees and charges.

      B. Targeted Rating Issues - led by Pauline Jackson, Senior Revenue Officer, Mackenzie District Council
      See the description under Marketplace of Information Session One

      C. The Kāpiti Coast District Council Rating Review - Jacinta Straker, Chief Financial Officer,Kāpiti Coast District Council
      See the description under Marketplace of Information Session One

      2.40pm Afternoon Tea

      3.00pm Funding Through Strategic Partnerships
      Jane Sheetz, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Auckland Council

      Sponsorships, grants and other funding arising from partnerships and relationships are becoming an important source of funding, especially for community assets and facilities. Jane will present some case studies that will help maximise your chances of success with your own ‘pitch’.

      3.50pm A Global Fees Review: Tararua District Council
      Raj Suppiah, Chief Financial Officer, Tararua District Council

      From the theory of setting fees and charges to the practice. To finish the first day here’s a case study of a council that took a centralised approach to the review of fees and charges.

      4.30pm What's Coming Up?
      Kate Macnaught, Sector Improvement Manager, SOLGM

      The latest on what’s going on within the Beltway, the latest that’s new and exciting from SOLGM and assorted other news that’s relevant.

      5.00pm Summing Up from Day One

      The Ibis Business Systems Forum Dinner

      Day Two: Rating Policy and Practice Day

      9.00am Welcome to Day Two

      9.05am Legal Update
      Lizzy Wiessing, Senior Associate, Simpson Grierson

      The annual update on developments in statute, case law and other legal matters relevant to funding and rating.

      9.50am The Online Rates Rebates Trial
      Jim Taylor, Manager Transactional Services, Tauranga City Council and DIA representative TBC

      Tauranga City and others have worked with DIA’s Service Innovation Lab to test an online system for rates rebates. Jim will present the trial and findings, and we’ll look ahead to what might happen next.

      10.20am Morning Tea

      10.40am A Word from Our Sponsor QV

      11.00am Valuation Update
      Neill Sullivan, Valuer-General, Office of Valuer-General

      The annual update on current valuation policy and practice matters and other developments in the world of land information.

      11.50pm Marketplace of information: Session Three

      Choose from one:

      A. Collection and Enforcement Issues – led by Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM

      B. Non-rateability Issues – led by Jamie Cunningham, Finance Officer – Rates, Southland District Council

      C. Valuation and Land Information – by Katherine Voelkerling, Senior Rates Advisor, Whangarei District Council

      12.40pm Lunch

      1.20pm Marketplace of Information: Session Four

      Choose another session from the above options.

      2.10pm The Rating of Māori Land: Some Things to Think About
      Keith Miller Principal Policy Analyst, Department of Internal Affairs

      DIA and Te Puni Kokiri are taking another look at the rating of Māori land. To finish this year’s event Keith will discuss some things they are thinking about.

      3.00pm Summing Up (including a look ahead to the Funding Inquiry Forum)

      3.15pm Close of Event


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