Webinar - The 2018 SOLGM/BERL Adjustors

This webinar is also a good opportunity to get some practical forecasting advice, for a very low cost.

In September SOLGM will release the latest edition of the SOLGM/BERL adjustors and the Local Government Cost Index.

Most local authorities treat these as one of their key forecasting assumptions for long-term planning purposes.

One of New Zealand’s leading economic forecasters, Dr Ganesh Nana, will:

  • explain what’s changed in the last 12 months and why
  • provide an overview of the economic situation, and what that means for your council.

This webinar is also a good opportunity to get some practical forecasting advice, for a very low cost.

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar is being charged on a per council basis and is open only to those local authorities that are up to date with their SOLGM Sector Work Programme Subscriptions and invited guests. We will send out a link with login instructions for the webinar the day before the webinar (Tuesday 24 October). You'll have access to the webinar recording so you don't have to be available at the time of the live webinar.


  • Dr Ganesh Nana

    Chief Economist - BERL

    Ganesh is Chief Economist at BERL (Business and Economic Research Limited) - a privately owned, independent economic research consultancy. His current focus is on the Māori economy, and the inter-relationship of the Māori economy to the wider New Zealand economy.

    Ganesh has over 30 years of experience in the field of economics since first working as a researcher at Victoria University and joining BERL in 1983. His experience includes a variety of contract project work for BERL, research, tutoring and lecturing at Victoria University, as well as macroeconomic policy analysis and forecasting during a four-year stint in the UK using the IMF Multimod model.

    Despite his passion for numbers, Ganesh believes economics is about people; their jobs, incomes, opportunities and futures. He strongly believes robust economic analysis is critical to ensuring informed choices and policy decisions are made, that have positive effects on the life and prospects of New Zealanders.