A webinar for councils who are making a submission on the Local Government Regulatory Systems Bill, Find out what's in it, why it's there, and what it will achieve.

  • 250.00 (plus GST) Members
  • 250.00 (plus GST) Non Members

About this event

Any piece of legislation that gets amended regularly soon develops legislative ‘bugs’ – things that don’t talk to each other, requirements that don’t make sense, things that may have been relevant once but no longer do etc.

Local government law is no different. The Regulatory Systems Bill is a bipartisan effort to identify and tidy up the bugs in the legislation. While the individual amendments might not be the most exciting, the opportunity is one that cannot be overlooked.

This webinar is one for those who want to know what’s in the Bill and why its there. We’ll look a the contents, what they mean and what they are meant to achieve. And we’ll look at how SOLGM will make the most of the opportunity this Bill presents – including what we did with the suggestions folk have made.

This webinar is being charged on a per council basis and is open to elected members and employees of a local authority. Others will be admitted by invitation only. We will send out a link with login instructions for the webinar the day before the webinar (Tuesday 10 July).
You'll have access to the webinar recording so you don't have to be available at the time of the live webinar.