Webinar - Through the Looking Glass – Lessons for NZ local government from the UK

A webinar aimed at elected members, chief executives, senior managers and those with an interest in where the winds of change may blow the local government sector.

After eight years of austerity, local government in England, Scotland and Wales has valuable lessons to share with New Zealand about change, leadership, structures, and smarter thinking for the future of local government.

SOLGM’s Principal Advisor Sector Improvement, Richard Mabon, will discuss the Through the Looking Glass report which was written following his tour of local government organisations in the UK. The report explores successful and emerging styles of leadership in the UK and the challenges of New Zealand’s smaller scale. The report also explores successful UK structures for service delivery and smarter thinking around commercial capability, digital maturity, and demand management.

Richard will provide his perspective and insights from the tour, along with some strategies that local government in New Zealand might adopt.

This webinar is being charged on a per council basis and is open to elected members and employees of a local authority. Others will be admitted by invitation only. We will send out a link with login instructions for the webinar the day before the webinar (Tuesday 24 July).
You'll have access to the webinar recording so you don't have to be available at the time of the live webinar.


  • Richard Mabon

    Principal Advisor, Sector Improvement SOLGM

    Richard joined SOLGM in December 2016. He loves his role assembling and sharing good and relevant practice so that people in local government have easier, more effective working lives, He is focussed on the SOLGM legal compliance modules, electoral readiness resources, and supporting G-REG the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative, He also has a hand in delivering some SOLGM events and policy projects.

    Richard is studying part-time towards a Masters in Public Policy. With wife Christine, he has one teenage and two adult children, and believes passionately that Liverpool FC will again be Champions of England in his lifetime.