For those involved in the direction setting, community planning and engagement processes of the LTPs.

  • 12 Aug 2019-13 Aug 2019
  • 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
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  • Sudima Hotel, Christchurch Airport , New Zealand
  • 890.00 (plus GST) Members
  • 1,010.00 (plus GST) Non Members
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About this event

Community well-being officially returned to the purpose of local government on the 13th of May. We’ve been told that it’s not a case of "same story, different day" so what’s changed from 2012? What’s the expectation of local authorities now? How do we engage on what can be seen as esoteric? And how do we show this in our long-term plans?

All this, and more will be covered in this year's Forum – what’s next in the world of well-being?

This is the start of the second year of the LTP cycle and many will be planning their LTP processes, doing their environmental scans, and looking at the underpinning information and systems. You can tailor ‘your’ community plan conference to your needs by selecting from our line-up of:

  • Three workshops on the disciplines of the long-term plan (project management, performance management and financial/infrastructure strategies)
  • Three workshops on the issues an LTP will traverse – funding, climate change, and the review of LTPs

As usual we have the best and most inspirational of the new and innovative developments in community engagement including those honoured in the Council/Community Relations Category of the 2018 McGredy Winder SOLGM Excellence Awards®.

Who should attend:

  • Chief Executives
  • Strategic or corporate planners
  • Communications managers and staff
  • Policy people
  • Anyone else who works on or with community plans and planning
  • Anyone else whose interested in the implications of the return of well-being

9.00am Mihi Whakatau

9.30am Chair’s Welcome
Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM

9.35am The Well-beings Are Back – What Do We Do With Them?
Ganesh Nana, Executive Director, BERL

Barbara MacLennan, Inspiring Communities

Mike Reid, Principal Advisor, Local Government New Zealand

The well-beings returned to the purpose of local government in mid-May so what’s the expectation now that they’re back and how do they mesh with what’s going on in the Beltway?

10.35am SOLGM Well-being Indicators Database and Reporting Tool – A Live Demonstration
Kate Macnaught, Sector Improvement Manager, SOLGM and Mubashir Mukhtar, Data Scientist, SOLGM

A short demonstration of the SOLGM’s Community Well-being Indicators Framework and reporting tool

10.50am Morning Tea

11.10am The Economy in 2019
Ganesh Nana, Executive Director, BERL

Where’s the New Zealand economy heading in the short-medium term? What are the challenges and risks local authorities should be aware of?

11.50am E koekoe te tūī, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kereru: Appreciating tangata whenua voices in the Bay of Plenty Regional Council LTP
Katerina Pihera-Ridge, Senior Māori Advisor, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

A case study on developing the LTP in partnership with Māori

12.30pm Lunch

1.20pm What’s New in Local Government?
Kate Macnaught, Manager Sector Improvement, SOLGM

The latest about what’s going on within the Beltway, the latest that’s new and exciting from SOLGM and assorted other news that’s relevant for those working on an LTP.

1.50pm Marketplace Session One – Key Disciplines from the LTP

Choose one from:

1. Process Management

Peter Ryan, Head of Performance Management, Christchurch City Council
Key messages from the newly minted SOLGM guide Living Through the LTP

2. The SOLGM Financial and Infrastructure Strategies Review
Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM
The results of SOLGM’s review of the 2018 set of financial and infrastructure strategies

3. Performance Management
Kathy Dever-Tod, Manager Parks and Reserves, Palmerston North City Council
A worked example from one of those functions that’s traditionally been regarded as one of those for which its harder to develop good measures

2.50pm Afternoon Tea

3.10pm Marketplace Session Two – The Big Issues and Challenges

1. What’s the State of Play with the Funding Review?
Mike Reid, Principal Advisor, Local Government New Zealand
An update on the progress of, and the key issues in the Productivity Commission’s review of Local Government Funding and Financing.

2. Losing the Excess Baggage, What Could be Dumped From the LTP?
Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM
The OAG recommended DIA and the sector review the content and process for an LTP, a chance to put your case for change to your least favourite disclosures

3, Climate Change and the LTP
Kristin Aitken, Office of the Auditor-General
A session on approaches to discussing the impacts of climate change in your community both from the standpoint of what you did in the last LTP, and what you might do in the next.

Note: Those attending the Climate Change and Local Government Forum on 27/28 June are advised that this session will contain much of the same content as the session Kristin and Raymond will present at that Forum.

4.10pm What Did We See in the 2018 LTPs – The Audit View

Andrea Reeves, Assistant Auditor-General Local Government, Office of the Auditor-General

5.p0pm A Word from Our Sponsor - LGSS
Geoff Reeves, Chief Executive LGSS

5.10pm End of Day One

5.15pm The LGSS Networking Drinks

Day Two

8.30am An Elected Member's Perspective
David Ayers, Mayor of Waimakariri District Council

What do elected members look for in a successful LTP?

How can staff best aid elected members during the process?

9.00am The 2019 Community Engagement Panel

Framing the Big Picture
Andrew Boyle and Julie Macdonald, Palmerston North City Council

Framing the Big Picture outlined the Councillor-led development of a comprehensive strategic framework to inform the development of the council’s 10-year plan. Julie and Andrew will talk about the engagement with the council and the community.

Note: Framing the Big Picture was a 2018 joint winner of LGNZ’s Performance Excellence and Community Outcomes Award, and a 2018 winner of the Best Practice in Governance, Leadership and Strategy Award.

Ōtumuheke Stream Revital
Fraser Scott, Project Manager for the Ōtumuheke Stream Revitalisation. Taupō District Council

Ōtumuheke Hot Stream is a popular visitor attraction that has experienced a trebling in visitor numbers in the last 10 years with all of the positive and negative effects such as erosion and theft. Taupō worked with Ngāti Tūwharetoa and with local stakeholders to complete a cultural and ecological enhancement project to bring the appropriate tourist amenities while preserving the cultural significance of the site.

Note: The Ōtumuheke Stream Revitalisation was the Winner of the Minister’s Award for Innovation in Council/Community Relations at the 2019 McGredy Winder SOLGM Local Government Excellence Awards.

Re-engineering the LTP Consultation in Tauranga City Council
Aimee Driscoll, Communications Manager, Tauranga City Council

Tauranga wanted to get more of the city sharing their views on the city’s big issues and on the LTP. The council re-engineered LTP with a strong social media strategy and creative campaign. The result : a six fold increase in submissions to the LTP.

Te Aka Mauri Library and Children’s Health Hub
Jean-Paul Gaston, Group Manager Strategy, Rotorua Lakes Council

Te Aka Mauri brings together the library and children’s health services under the same roof, having been delivered by Rotorua-Lakes Council and the Lakes DHB. This is a story of the kinds of joined-up thinking and community action that the Government’s restoration of the four wellbeings were intended to promote.

Note: Te Aka Mauri won a Highly Commended Citation in the BERL Collaborative Government Action category at the 2019 McGredy Winder SOLGM Local Government Excellence Awards.

11.00am Morning Tea

11.15am Building Social Knowledge: The Role of Public Deliberation in Underpinning Well-being
John Pennington and Simon Wright, Principal, Public Engagement Projects

  • What do we mean by democratic decision-making?
  • Are the current ways of decision-making capable of meeting 21st century grand challenges?
  • What is it about these challenges which might make us want to rethink some of the ways in which democracy is enacted?
  • What new forms of public engagement are available and why might we want to use so as they lead to meaningful action on well-being?

12.45pm Lunch

1.30pm Launch of the New Edition of Living Through the LTP
Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor SOLGM

1.35pm A Word from Our Sponsor - .id
.id will focus on the 2018 Census and what councils should do when using the data, how they should use it, where else they might look etc

2.05pm WTF Tairawhiti: A Successful Long-Term Plan Engagement and CD
Anita Reedy-Holthausen and Jade Lister-Baty, Gisborne District Council

A case study of the early engagement, consultation document development and the LTP engagement provided by the winner of the 2018 SOLGM Great CD Competition

2.35pm Consultation Documents
Anita Reedy-Holthausen, Gisborne District Council
Katherine Quinn, Hauraki District Council
Tami Sargeant, Senior Policy Analyst, Dunedin City Council

A panel discussion covering the CD, tips and tricks and how three councils are intending to approach this.

3.30pm Summing Up
Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM


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