29 Sep 20

Free Webinar: Securing the Well-being of Future Generations

IPANZ and SOLGM have secured the opportunity for you to engage in conversation with Jane Davidson (the former Minister for the Environment and Sustainability in Wales who proposed what is now the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015) and Jacob Ellis (Lead Change Maker for Public Affairs and International at the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales).

07 Oct 20

Webinar: A Whole New Ball Game? The Post-Covid Economy and the 2020 SOLGM/BERL Adjustors

One of New Zealand’s leading economic forecasters, Dr Ganesh Nana, will provide an overview of the economic backdrop for the LTP and how that’s played out in the production of this year’s adjustors.

27 Oct 20 - 30 Oct 20

Online Forum: 2020 Funding and Rating

(run in four online sessions over 27-30 October)

The Funding and Rating Forum is an event delivered in four online modules designed to build knowledge and awareness of funding and rating policy issues and practice challenges across the sector.