We interviewed Tiffany Daubitz on how completing SOLGM’s Local Government & Community Well-being e-learning modules has helped in her role as Customer Services Librarian at Masterton District Library. Read the interview below:

How has doing SOLGM’s Local Government & Community Well-being e-learning modules helped you with your role? 

It has provided me with a better understanding of council’s role in the well-being strategy and my position’s role within the council setting. Working in the library, we are a core area that can focus and create programmes that support our community and its well-being. It is good to understand the direction that our council is moving and how we can support them.

What did you enjoy most about the modules? 

I liked that is was self-paced and I could work on it and come back to finish it. Not having a time constraint was beneficial to my workload.

Has the e-learning programme made a difference to your colleagues and their work? 

I believe so in that I can communicate our future directions and the reasons behind decisions.

Would you recommend the modules to others within local government? 

Of course. It is good to have a broad understanding to see where different positions and departments fit into the wider council objectives.

Are there any other topics you’d like to see SOLGM develop into e-learning modules? 

I am currently in the Leadership course, and I think having mini sessions available about leadership would benefit those in lower levels of management, cost the council less than the full course and not require the same time commitment.

Want to know more about SOLGM's e-learning programmes? 

E-learning offers convenience and flexibility to learners, allowing them to access courses from anywhere and at any time, enabling the transfer of skills and knowledge in an easy to understand and engaging way. SOLGM's Local Government & Community Well-being suite of interactive e-learning modules are aimed at introducing local government staff to the recent changes to the Local Government Act.

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