11 February 2020


Report outlines plans to lead community change for the future

The NZ Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) has today launched a report to support local government chief executives and managers in their statutory responsibility to promote the well-being of their communities in the present and for the future.

The report, Navigating Critical Transitions for the 21st Century, outlines five transitions that the sector needs to steer their communities through over the next decades, and a framework to structure thinking on how each transition can be made.

Amongst all the things that councils do, the critical transitions are: transition to low emissions living, transition to living in a disrupted climate, transition to a low waste society, transition to community interconnectedness, transition to learning-empowered communities.

SOLGM’s Chief Executive, Karen Thomas, said that the local government sector has an important role to play in leading their communities through change, and the report is the first step in addressing this.

“The report is an extension of SOLGM’s community well-being work and thinking about what we need to do over the next 30 years to reach a state of well-being.

“Each transition can be applied to a framework, which helps us to think about what is challenging us, and where we should be applying our energy and attention.

“There is already some fantastic work happening around these transitions, including at a Central government level. We’ll assist the sector to apply national frameworks and policies at a practical, local level with their communities.

“I am very optimistic that through focusing our attention, and sharing best practise, we will make good progress.”

Over the next five years, SOLGM will support the sector to lead their communities through change, and to articulate and navigate these transitions.

The full report can be downloaded at www.solgm.org.nz/CriticalTransitions.


If further information is required contact Ann Thomson, 0272943852