In conjunction with our Capability Working Party we have developed a leadership and management competency framework specific to the local government sector.

These complement the offerings in SOLGM's learning and development programme - LGLeadershipPathways, i.e. they are designed to help managers make informed decisions, improve processes, encourage better consultation and engagement (both internally and externally) and increase community outcomes through improved performance.

The framework’s eight key competencies have been further segmented into Leadership Competencies (the Orange side of the pie) and Management Competencies (the Blue side of the pie).

As well there are four themes that run through all competencies: Informed decision making, Process improvement, Delivering results, and Community outcomes. The framework is illustrated below:

The eight key competencies in the framework are described in the table below.

Political acumen
The ability to see the ‘big picture’ and apply a political lens to every decision you make. Understanding how the key drivers of your council relate to each other based on your depth of perception and assessment of all the variables, and the ability to make sound judgments and quick decisions.

Developing a culture of excellence in local government

The ability to establish a baseline, benchmark, and measure success through sharing knowledge of local government best practice both within New Zealand and in a global context.

Strategic planning and policy development
The ability to create policies that deliver on the promises and goals developed through the strategic planning process, and provide a means to achieve those goals within the near and long term horizon.

Strategic collaboration, community consultation and engagement
The ability to take into consideration the views of all stakeholder groups to deliver the right outcomes that benefit the majority of stakeholders.

Managing within a political, legislative and regulatory environment

Understand your responsibilities and accountabilities within a legislative and regulatory framework including any obligations for compliance within your council.

Managing the business in the local government context
Applying industry standards and best practice frameworks and models to assist with informed decision making and balancing the trade-offs between competing resources.

Managing People
Ensure a robust talent management system is in place and create frameworks that enable Councils to recruit the right personnel for the right roles. Provide opportunities to further develop Line Managers’ ability to grow, develop and retain individuals and teams.

Efficient and effective delivery of services
The ability to manage contracted and shared services in an efficient and effective way that ensures risks and rewards are balanced and better outcomes are delivered.

More information on the initiatives SOLGM provides through our LGLeadershipPathways programme to assist local government staff attain these competencies can be found here or contact our Manager, Professional Development on to find out more.