SOLGM has just released our latest 'Sector Good Think Piece', Building Community Resilience . Commissioned from Local Government expert Roger Blakeley, the report introduces some of the key concepts that support resilience and provides stories of communities that have come together with their councils to help entrench resilience into their culture.The aim of this report is to enable councils within New Zealand that may not be familiar with the concept of resilience to take practical first steps, and begin a conversation with their communities. The report has a consultative aspect with recommendations to both SOLGM and LGNZ, and the wider local government sector, regarding future work on resilience. It is part of a series of outward looking projects being undertaken by SOLGM`s Sector Futures Working Party.

Supporting Dr Blakeley's report we have also released a ' Summary for the Time Challenged' which highlights key aspects of the full report and provides background information to resilience in a local government context. The Report and Summar document can be viewed here.