In this edition of Pulse you'll find:

- Articles on the hottest topics at our recent annual Summit - and information on our 2016 Summit.

- Our new local government competency framework and how it underpins our LGAccelerated Leadership Programme.

- An article on how fiscal constraint is effecting local government in England - this is part of a larger SOLGM research project.

- Information about some of the major events coming up in 2016 including our Health and Safety Roadshow starting on 9 February, the Australasian Management Challenge in March, our annual Gala Dinner in April and our Annual Summit in September, as well as a full list of our 2016 Leading Practice Forums.

You can download the December Pulse here.

Quarterly SOLGM Members' Briefing

We're expecting to email the final briefing for 2015 to our members later this week.