We invite you to read SOLGM's Through the Looking Glass report detailing what the UK Study Tour saw and learned in England, Scotland and Wales.

In July 2016, SOLGM published Austerity: Creating service resilience. This report asked how UK councils were delivering services with dramatically less funding and how relevant practices could be applied in New Zealand. SOLGM believed there was more to learn from the UK experience. The search for a "richer picture" led to the 2017 NZ SOLGM Chief Executive Study Tour to England, Scotland & Wales.

While NZ local government has no burning platform like austerity, we do have a smouldering platform of infrastructure deficits, a housing crisis, freshwater and drinking water quality issues, and a need for greater resilience in response to climate change and natural disasters. Many local government leaders and commentators say the current models of funding and service delivery are unsustainable.

Change is not a choice. The question to be answered is whether NZ councils will work with their communities to lead this change or wait for Government to impose change upon them.


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Organisational Design, Choices and Opportunities Webinar - 16 May - More info.

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Recipe for Disaster: Building Policy on Shaky Ground Webinar on the policy responses to the Christchurch earthquake - 30 May - More info.

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