We've got four topical webinars coming up for you this month and next month.

The New Local Government Bills: Good Things Come in Small Packages Webinar
18 April, 10.00am - 11.30am (recording available afterwards)
Presented by Raymond Horan

The Government has moved quickly to address some of the larger and higher priority issues that the sector raised in its first contact with Ministers.

The results are two bills that taken together don’t come to more than twelve A4 pages, yet they contain some powerful ideas.

Some of the most cherished items in the so-called Better Local Government package are being undone. At the same time, the Government is fixing two major holes in the development contributions regime. And for good measure, it's taking the first big step towards a trial of online voting.

And falling into the ‘forgotten, but not gone’ category – we have the Local Government Amendment Bill aka Better Local Services. We’ll talk a bit about where this appears to be going. Register now.

Climate Change, Stormwater and Wastewater Systems Webinar
9 May, 10.00am - 11.30am (recording available afterwards)
Presented by Professor Iain White

We know climate change is happening and we know our stormwater and wastewater systems are particularly vulnerable. This webinar presents findings from the Deep South National Science Challenge Impacts and Implications Programme, which outlined our current knowledge and the priority areas of research needed to prepare our stormwater and wastewater systems for a changing climate. Register now.

Organisational Design, Choices and Opportunities Webinar
A transferable toolkit for integrated and fast delivery of planning and infrastructure services.
16 May, 10.00am - 11.30am (recording available afterwards)
Presented by Ree Anderson

The former Auckland Housing Policy Project Office (HPO) was a new ‘one stop shop’ – a single portal established to integrate the functions of masterplanning, plan variations, consenting and infrastructure programmes.

The structure of the HPO was only one element that contributed to its success. Other organisational infrastructure was critical to the creation of a high performing team. This webinar will outline other key attributes (e.g. strategy, executive support, people and culture) that all need to come together for success in any business. Register now.

Recipe for Disaster: Building Policy on Shaky Ground Webinar
30 May, 10.00am - 11.30am (recording available afterwards)
Presented by Dr Eric Crampton

Dr Crampton and Dr Bryce Wilkinson are co-authors of the New Zealand Initiative’s 2018 report on policy responses to the Christchurch earthquake, Recipe for Disaster: Building Policy on Shaky Ground.

The report argues that government failed to anticipate the problems caused by policy and regulatory uncertainty. Spending years after an earthquake revising city plans and building codes can too easily make the best the enemy of the good enough. Forward planning can avoid some of these problems by pre-specifying the governance arrangements of any post-disaster recovery agency, by setting disaster contingencies into long term plans, and by restructuring EQC’s relations with insurers to avoid undue delays in reconstruction.

Dr Crampton’s webinar will discuss the report's findings and implications for both central and local government. Register now.

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