In case you missed it, Nanaia Mahuta has been announced as the Minister of Local Government - a role she last held in the fifth Labour Government. SOLGM will re-establish a relationship with the Minister and update you on our advocacy efforts on behalf of the sector.

If you prefer DIY advocacy, SOLGM is offering the Better Advocacy webinar on 1 November. The webinar provides practical guidance on working with MPs, both in and outside Parliament, and what you can do to stay informed.

We also have the Local Government at Arm's Length webinar on 22 November. This webinar asks 'If key network infrastructure services are delivered at arm’s length from decision-making elected officials, how will that shape local government?'

The 2017 Election and Local Government webinar is a peep into the politics of the next three years. It’s a must for those who want to know what’s coming and want to help SOLGM contribute.