Summit speakers
We are excited about the line-up of high profile local and international future-focused speakers we have for the 2017 SOLGM Summit in Rotorua on 28-29 September.

- Futurist and best-selling author, Mark McCrindle, will talk about the key trends redefining our society - technological, demographic, social and generational - and how we can respond to and shape these trends.

- Economist Dr. Ganesh Nana will look at the new world of automation, robotics and digitisation and discuss what these innovations mean for the local government sector.

- Rod Snodgrass, executive, director and investor will discuss the disruption reality and why innovation, transformation and change are not an option.

- Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft will talk about today’s constituents and tomorrow’s voters - children. What does being child-centred look like? What are some of the challenges for local government?

- Political commentator Matthew Hooton will reflect on the 2017 General Election, the winners, the losers, and what this means for the local government sector.

- Skye Duncan, from the National Association of City Transportation Officials in New York, will look into quality public spaces for safe, liveable and innovative cities.

Thank you to our Summit sponsors Simpson Grierson, PwC, Berl, Civic Financial Services, QV, JLT, LG Hub, Nexus Australasia, Heaney & Partners and Magiq whose support makes this event possible.

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Planning and Accountability Working Party appointment
The SOLGM Executive have agreed to appoint Wendy Walker, Chief Executive of Porirua City Council as Chair of the Planning and Accountability Working Party. Wendy’s appointment is with immediate effect.

The Planning and Accountability Working Party supports the achievement of SOLGM’s vision by promoting high standards of integrated planning and policy development, and the associated accountability and reporting arrangements. The Party shall focus on, but is not limited to, planning and reporting under the Local Government Act 2002, district planning, spatial/integrated strategic planning, and the planning requirements of other legislation.

SOLGM working parties are formed from appointed experts to influence and support sector activities of national importance as well as contribute to our key work programmes.

Recent appointments at SOLGM
Earlier this year, SOLGM reviewed and updated its structure to ensure that we are organised in a manner that will support sustainable growth while we continue to provide high quality products and services to the sector. The new structure increased our workforce by two and refocused our activities into three areas: Sector Improvement, Professional Development and Business Support.

We will welcome the new Manager, Professional Development Fiona Purchas to SOLGM on 4 September.

We are pleased to announce that two interim staff - Jessica Hill (Senior Advisor, Membership and Communication) and Tamsen Welsh (Administrator, Membership and Communication) - have accepted offers of permanent employment under the new Manager, Business Support Helen Ballantyne.