The Price is Right - The Kiwi Version

SOLGM has released the second edition of The Price is Right – The Kiwi Version. This guidance discusses fees and charges, an often overlooked source of funding.

The average local authority collects one dollar in six of its funding from this source – slightly more than it gets from central government! Yet too often reviews of fees and charges conclude that changing things is too hard, or set a price at ‘last year plus inflation’.

The Price is Right provides clear practical advice on:
- the two sides to a pricing debate
- the legal and constitutional requirements for pricing
- the information needs for a pricing decision
- pricing principles
- designing a concession or subsidy scheme
- engaging on a pricing decision.

If your council has subscribed to the LGSectorGoodToolkit, log in to view the forty page Price is Right guidance.

Local Government Magazine recognises winners

Local Government Magazine has profiled the winners of the McGredy Winder 2017 SOLGM Local Government Excellence Awards.

SOLGM Executive

As of 1 July, 2017 SOLGM's executive will be as outlined below.

Phil Wilson, President

Sue Bidrose, Vice President

Pim Borren, Vice President

Jason Marris, Northern Branch – Executive Member

Gary Allis, Midlands Branch – Executive Member

Craig Stevenson, Central Branch – Executive Member

Nicola Brown, Wellington Branch – Executive Member

Simon Markham, Top of the South Branch – Executive Member

Steve Hill, 45 South Branch – Executive Member

South Australian Cities Join the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program

The world-leading benchmarking program, developed by LG Professionals, NSW in collaboration with PwC five years ago, now has 144 (and growing) councils participating across Australia and New Zealand all gaining a better understanding of their operations and making decisions for change accordingly. Read more.

Upcoming SOLGM events

LTP 101: An Introduction to the 2018 LTP - Part 1 and 2
14 June and 21 June, Webinars

LTP 101 Webinars are an introduction to the range of content and processes that go into an effective, compliant long-term plan.

Representation Review Forum
23 June, Wellington

This forum is for governance and policy professionals involved in reviews of electoral systems and representation arrangements and elected members with an interest in the review process.

What Happened to the Better Local Services Legislation?
23 June, Webinar

The Government has signaled that there will be significant change to the Better Local Services Legislation when the Bill is reported back on 16 June. If you want to understand what’s changed, why it’s changed and what happens next, register for this webinar.

Chief Executive Masterclass: Under Pressure
30 June, Wellington

This Masterclass Programme will provide Chief Executives with practical strategies for dealing with those times when they are under pressure.

Governance Professionals and Committee Advisors Forum
17 July - 18 July, Auckland

An interactive Forum for those working in governance to share their knowledge, consider best practice and develop their professional capability with plenty of new content for delegates who have attended in the past.

Masterclass: 21st Century Public Leadership - Ethics, Empathy and Efficiency
1 August, Wellington

This Masterclass addresses critical leadership, social and political issues that the local government sector will face in the next five-ten years. Based on lessons we can learn from the intensity and challenges on local government in London including austerity, Brexit and multi-sector creative collaboration, participants will discuss the demand for new capabilities for the next generation of leaders, with a particular focus on empathy, ethics and efficiency.