Interview with Chelsey Reid

We interviewed Chelsey Reid, who works as SOLGM's Adviser, Sector Improvement. Chelsey shares with us about her career to date which has included various roles in Japan, Nepal and her native Canada as well as what she enjoys most about her role with SOLGM.

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3:02 PM, 5 November 2019

Interview with Eilidh Siller

We interviewed Eilidh Siller who works as SOLGM's Adviser, Workforce Leadership. Eilidh shares what she enjoys most about her role at SOLGM and some of the exciting projects she is working on as well as her best travel tips for her native Scotland - hint - you haven't visited Scotland if you haven't tried a deep fried pizza!

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8:59 AM, 25 October 2019

Long Service Awards and Life Membership

At the Annual Summit in Napier, we awarded a number of Long Service Awards and a new Life Member was elected as part of the Members' AGM.

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4:19 PM, 30 September 2019

Interview with Shanna Crispin

We interviewed Shanna Crispin - Communications and Marketing Manager at Masterton District Council who shared what she enjoys most about working in local government, some of the challenges of working in marketing and communications in local government and what she gets up to in her spare time.

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2:04 PM, 30 September 2019

The Wairoa District Council received the Most Improved Best Customer Service Experience Award this year

The Wairoa District Council has been recognised with awards from the recent ALGIM awards.

ALGIM is the National Association of Local Government Information Management and represents the national and international interests in ICT, IT roles, IT infrastructure, web and digital, information and records management, customer service, and GIS.

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1:50 PM, 30 September 2019

Canadian manager eager to learn during time in Southland

It might be on the other side of the world but a visiting local government manager from Canada believes Southland has plenty to teach him.

Ramin Seifi, from the Township of Langley in British Colombia, will spend the next two weeks in Southland as part of an exchange programme.

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4:43 PM, 24 September 2019

Fire and Emergency New Zealand update

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Update from Hon Paul Swain - Chairman of Fire & Emergency New Zealand Board

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10:53 AM, 17 September 2019

Interview with Jenny Spencer

We interviewed Jenny Spencer, Acting Manager Workforce Leadership at SOLGM who shares her passion for local government and what she thinks are some of the challenges facing those in HR in local government.

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10:26 AM, 12 September 2019

Interview with Audrey Dench

We interviewed Audrey Dench, Properties and Facilities Manager at Masterton District Council who has some pretty exciting projects on the go including strengthening and improving an historic grandstand within one of NZ’s oldest and grandest parks.

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8:37 AM, 3 September 2019

Interview with Jo Miller

We interviewed Jo Miller, recently appointed Chief Executive at Hutt City Council.

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10:04 AM, 20 August 2019

Interview with Harry Wilson

We interviewed Harry Wilson, recently appointed Chief Executive at South Wairarapa District Council.

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4:53 PM, 6 August 2019

LIANZA Conference 2019

LIANZA's biennial conference is the largest gathering of library and information professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand bringing together over 500 delegates from New Zealand and around the world.

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2:30 PM, 17 July 2019

Interview with SOLGM Life Member Malcolm Douglass

We interviewed SOLGM Life Member, Malcolm Douglass, who had a very long and successful career in local government. Malcolm’s 60 year career focussed on long-term planning.

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4:28 PM, 15 July 2019

Building Nations Symposium 2019

The Building Nations Symposium is specifically designed for local and central government employees.

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2:59 PM, 4 July 2019

Through New Eyes: Rethinking landscape in Aotearoa Conference

New Zealand’s distinctive land and seascapes are an integral component of our wellbeing and identity.

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1:53 PM, 24 June 2019

Guide for central and local government engagement

In August 2018, a working group of representatives from central and local government was established to co-produce guidance on how central government can engage effectively with local government.

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9:18 AM, 20 June 2019

SOLGM has developed a Well-being Indicator Framework

In the lead-up to changes to the Local Government Act, SOLGM has developed a Well-being Indicator Framework.

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10:39 AM, 12 June 2019

Fly the right way

Flying drones is fun and it’s something more and more of us are doing. But your drone is an aircraft, which makes you a pilot. As a pilot, you must follow New Zealand Civil Aviation Rules.

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11:11 AM, 11 June 2019

Press Release: The New Zealand leg of the Australasian Management Challenge

Once again Local Government staff have raised the bar and put down a clear challenge to their Australian counterparts at the New Zealand leg of the Australasian Management Challenge. Fifteen teams from across New Zealand competed in the challenge held on 21 and 22 May at Silverstream Retreat in Upper Hutt.

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3:52 PM, 7 June 2019

Chief Executive’s Update on the Well-beings Project

At our recent Chief Executives Forum in Auckland, SOLGM presented it’s Well-beings Project and many councils have been in touch to register their interest in accessing our Well-being Data Warehouse.

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12:22 AM, 16 May 2019

NZ's first adopter of Datacom's brand new council software solution, Datascape - Porirua City Council

Porirua City Council is the first New Zealand council to go live with Datacom’s new smart council and community cloud-based solution, Datascape. The council was looking for a digital and mobile solution that would put customers and the community right at the heart of its organisation and Datascape was chosen as the best match for such a need.

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12:20 AM, 16 May 2019

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

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4:19 PM, 10 May 2019

Local Government Excellence recognised at SOLGM Gala Dinner

Innovation and excellence in New Zealand's local government management sector was recognised tonight at a Gala Dinner held in Auckland.

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12:19 AM, 11 April 2019

Interview with Karen Thomas - SOLGM CE

To celebrate International Women’s Day we interviewed SOLGM CE Karen Thomas, a self-confessed ‘big bossy sister’ who cut her teeth on bossing her younger brother and sister around when she was growing up before landing her first management role at age 31.

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12:17 AM, 7 March 2019

BERL principal partnership

SOLGM is delighted to announce a three-year Principal Partner sponsorship with BERL

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12:15 AM, 11 February 2019