New Governance resources – here’s what you need to know

SOLGM’s best-practice governance resources and advice provide councils with guidance in areas around legislative obligations, LGOIMA expectations and changes to the Privacy Act. A new governance section in SOLGM’s LGSectorGoodToolkit outlines some of the changes that have taken place in these areas this year.

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1:16 PM, 3 December 2020

Are you on track with your 2021 LTP?  

Project teams are in the depths of developing their Long Term Plans (LTPs), a three-yearly process which sets out council priorities for the next ten years. Since 2006, SOLGM has been supporting councils with LTP development with a range of guidance documents which are available to all council staff.

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8:57 AM, 25 November 2020

Using volunteers to improve well-being and bring the community together

Using volunteers for a food-sharing service and social initiative, ‘The Food Circle’, is a proposal put forward by one of this year’s Management Challenge teams – Hiko Hauraki of Hauraki District Council. The proposal is fantastic example of engaging with the local community to support well-being while sourcing knowledge on how to grow food and cook seasonal, healthy meals.

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3:00 PM, 6 November 2020

Using data to inform decision making in a COVID-19 environment

SOLGM has partnered with Data Ventures to produce a report looking at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on local CBD populations.

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12:51 AM, 30 October 2020

Harnessing the community to tell local stories…

Using volunteers and technology to tell local stories of cultural and historic significance is a proposal put forward by one of this year’s Management Challenge teams – BlueSky of Tauranga City Council. The proposal is a fantastic example of engaging with the local community to build a sense of belonging.

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9:34 AM, 28 October 2020

Climate Change + Business Conference

Covid-19 has given us an opportunity - an obligation - to transform our future. The 2020 Climate Change + Business Conference will explore the extent to which we have seized that opportunity. Will we act with the level of ambition and hope that the climate crisis requires of us?

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9:00 AM, 19 October 2020

Reducing carbon emissions and influencing community behavioural change

Using volunteers to action climate change initiatives and influence community behavioural change is a proposal put forward by one of this year’s Management Challenge teams – the ‘Taiao Angels’ of Bay of Plenty Regional Council. The proposal is an excellent example of engaging with local community for a common cause – in this case improving the environment by reducing emissions.

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9:27 AM, 12 October 2020

Reflections of an outgoing Chief Executive…

Manawatū District Council Chief Executive, Dr Richard Templer, will shortly step down from his role to take up the role of Chief Executive of Engineering New Zealand. Richard reflects on the past four and a half years.

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9:01 AM, 12 October 2020

Overcoming social exclusion through digital literacy

Using volunteers to increase digital literacy in the community is a way of building a sense of community, create opportunities for people to feel included in a social group and build meaningful relationships with others.

For this year’s Management Challenge, Hutt City Council’s ‘Kapa Toa’ team has proposed the use of local volunteers in libraries to engage with those in the community who are socially isolated.

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8:47 AM, 21 September 2020

How a  Swedish fitness trend could lead to a more sustainable future  

‘Plogging’, a Swedish fitness trend combining jogging or walking with picking up litter to clean up waterways, is a proposal put forward by one of this year’s Management Challenge teams. The proposal is a great example of engaging the local community for a common cause – in this case removing waste to improve the environment.  

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11:23 AM, 10 September 2020

Bringing the community together to deliver better environmental and well-being outcomes   

An end-to-end pest management proposal by one of this year’s Management Challenge teams is a great example of connecting communities together for a common cause – in this case caring for the environment and connecting with the land and each other.

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1:52 PM, 2 September 2020

Public drinking fountains key to reducing plastic waste and improving health outcomes of our communities

RefillNZ has been working with councils around the country to identify the locations of most of the public water fountains, from Invercargill to Whangarei. Now, for the first time, drinking fountains covering about 85% of the population New Zealand are on RefillNZ’s online map –1,200 drinking fountains.

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11:30 AM, 18 August 2020

A winning team and an amazing personal development experience…

Every year without fail, teams involved in the Management Challenge tell us it is one of the best personal development opportunities they’ve undertaken. We spoke with Grace Davies of Hauraki District Council on her experience as part of the winning team, Hiko Hauraki, in this year's NZ leg of the JLT Australasian Management Challenge.

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10:42 AM, 18 August 2020

RMA Reform: potential implications for local government

Jonathan Salter and Padraig McNamara - both Partners at Simpson Grierson advise on potential implications for local government with the RMA Reform.

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9:29 AM, 18 August 2020

Interview: A Day in the Life of Kevin Lavery during Aotearoa’s Level 4 Lockdown

When Aotearoa went into a four-week Level 4 lockdown to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic, a number of local government leaders were left wondering what this would mean for the essential services they provide their local communities. Questions such as, can cemeteries remain open? How can our council safely provide rubbish collection? How do we continue to deliver water and wastewater services? With just 48 hours notice of the lockdown, clarity was needed and it sure was needed fast!

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4:08 PM, 10 August 2020

Management Challenge winner announced

A team from Hauraki District Council, Hiko Hauraki, have won the New Zealand leg of the JLT Australasian Management Challenge and will take part in the Australian final in October.

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1:28 PM, 6 August 2020

Three Waters Reform Programme Investment Package

The Minister of Local Government, Hon Nanaia Mahuta, has announced allocations of the Three Waters investment package - part of a three-year programme for reforming three waters service delivery arrangements.

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3:32 PM, 4 August 2020

Start-up launches to help organisations secure sustainable and diverse range of funders

Hawkes Bay business Giblin Group has launched an innovative online platform which aims to help community organisations secure sustainable funding.

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3:26 PM, 4 August 2020

Midlands Area Branch Report

This year, Midlands Area Branch President, Tanya Winter submitted a video for their Annual Report Branch Report.

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10:18 AM, 29 July 2020

The countdown is on to the 2020 Virtual Management Challenge!

The JLT Australasian Management Challenge has been helping local government professionals to grow and learn or over 20 years. Each year SOLGM runs the New Zealand leg of the Challenge, and this year is no exception – although for a while we thought it might be!!

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2:54 PM, 7 July 2020

$60 million funding boost for New Zealand libraries announced

At the end of May 2020, Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin announced a $60 million funding package for local libraries and librarians. This funding will protect jobs and library services, allowing them to play a key role in supporting their communities and people seeking jobs as part of the recovery from COVID-19.

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2:37 PM, 7 July 2020

Interview: Tiffany Daubitz - Local Government & Community Well-being e-learning

We interviewed Tiffany Daubitz on how completing SOLGM’s Local Government & Community Well-being e-learning modules has helped in her role as Customer Services Librarian at Masterton District Library.

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2:23 PM, 2 July 2020

Dunedin City Manager heads to Canada

Dunedin City Council Group Manager Community and Planning, Nicola Pinfold, has been awarded an Overseas Manager Exchange to Canada from the NZ Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM).

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11:21 AM, 8 May 2020

Peter Winder announces the Supreme winner of the 2020 McGredy Winder SOLGM Excellence Awards®

Innovation and excellence in New Zealand’s local government sector was recognised today by the NZ Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM).

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4:47 PM, 7 May 2020

SOLGM Executive announces the 2020 Distinguished Manager & President’s Award

The SOLGM Executive Board has recognised two outstanding SOLGM members for distinguished management in the local government sector and their significant contribution to SOLGM.

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4:37 PM, 7 May 2020