SOLGM has done extensive research into the online and e-learning market in New Zealand and overseas, realising this is a new way of engaging in learning for many in the local government sector. E-learning offers convenience and flexibility to learners, allowing them to access courses from anywhere and at any time, enabling the transfer of skills and knowledge in an easy to understand and engaging way.

Coming Soon - Rating KnowHow

We will soon be launching our next e-learning course, Rating KnowHow. This course is particularly suitable for rating staff, revenue managers and team leaders, finance managers, legal staff, and those with an interest in rating. It will cover all aspects of the rating environment. Contact us to register your interest in this course.

LG How Local Government Works® Programme

SOLGM’s ‘LG How Local Government Works®’ programme is a fantastic online suite of e-learning courses aimed at introducing both new and existing employees to the legislative environment of local government.

The programme comprises six e-learning courses, covering a variety of topics and providing an understanding of what makes local government different from any other sector.

There’s something for everyone, as the programme has been specifically designed in such a way that it can form part of a standard council induction programme for all staff, regardless of their role, location or area of expertise. The programme is also beneficial for those moving to a new role in a different area of local government.

The programme comprises six parts:

Part 1: An introduction to the local government sector

Part 2: Governance

Part 3: Working together

Part 4: Planning and accountability

Part 5: Regulation and compliance

Part 6: Financial management and funding

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