SOLGM's How Local Government Works Induction Series is a fantastic online tool for introducing new employees to the legislative environment of local government while allowing them to work at their own pace. The Series, delivered over five modules by local government experts, provides an understanding of what makes local government different from any other sectors, particularly in respect to relevant legislation.

It is aimed at new managers and staff involved in planning, policy and financial management roles or staff involved with elected members, such as committee advisors. However those with longer service (from 6-18 months) will also find this very useful, especially if they are moving to a team leader or management roles. Very experienced new recruits moving into the local government context for the first time will also find the content beneficial.

The Modules in the series are:

An introduction to what local government is and does and some of the key players that you'll meet as you go about your job.
Learn about local elections, elected members, governance management split and decision making bodies.
Learn about the Resource Management Act and other regulatory laws relevant to local government.
Learn about decision making, engagement, long-term planning, the annual plan, the annual report and links to all of your other plans.
Learn about the four canons of financial management, local government costs, rates and other ways that local authorities fund their work.

Availability of the Series

The series comprises five webinars, one for each module, a handbook and a questionnaire for each module. It is available on an annual per-council subscription. Details on subscription prices are below.

Annual updates

The content is updated at least annually and is delivered via live webinars. The 2018 update is due to start with the first webinar taking place in February 2018. The other four webinars will be delivered and recorded on the following Wednesdays after that date. As all councils with a current subscription are able to view the webinars as they are recorded the annual update provides an opportunity for participants to raise any queries they may have.


Local authorities can purchase the series on a yearly (or part year) subscription which gives unlimited access to the Series. This means every new staff member at your council can go through the induction series as and when it suits.

Our financial year runs 1 July to 30 June. When purchasing a subscription to the Series part way through the year the annual subscription will be pro-rated. The annual subscription and pro-rated prices are detailed below:

Annual Council subscription:

1 July - 30 September

Quarter 2 Council subscription:

1 October - 31 December

Quarter 3 Council subscription:
1 January and 31 March

Quarter 4 Council subscription:

1 April and 30 June

Under 50 FTE staff

$1,200 +GST

$900 +GST

$600 +GST

$300 +GST

50 to 150 FTE staff

$2,000 +GST

$1,500 +GST

$1,000 +GST

$500 +GST

Over 150 FTE Staff

$3,200 +GST

$2,400 +GST

$1,600 +GST

$800 +GST


To subscribe or for more information about the Induction Series please contact:



If your council has registered for this series you can access the recordings here.