About the 2018 McGredy Winder SOLGM Local Government Excellence Awards®

These Awards recognise exceptional and innovative projects in local government.

The winners of the 2018 Awards were announced at SOLGM's 2018 Gala Dinner.

Entries for the 2019 McGredy Winder SOLGM Local Government Excellence Awards® are expected to open on 15 October 2018.

The 2018 Award Categories

Capability Group Innovation in Organisation and People Development Award

Is your local authority effectively developing its people and culture?

This category recognises innovative approaches to building an exceptional organisational culture or capability through the application of transformational leadership. Entries in this category might be multi-year programmes or one-off projects but they will involve organisational redesign, human resource management, capability development or related aspects. The approach must be capable of transfer to other local authorities.

LGFA Transforming Service Delivery Award

On-going fiscal constraints, increasing regulatory standards and increasing community expectations on the part of our communities are challenging us to find new ways of delivering a better service experience.

This category is for programmes or projects that result in an exceptional service experience through innovative delivery models or the redesign of business processes or practices. The programme or project can relate to any area of council activity which is about delivering improved value for money to ratepayers. The approach must be capable of transfer to other local authorities.

Giblin Group Innovation in Council - Community Relations Award

Are your council’s community relationships delivering results?

This award recognises programmes, projects or initiatives that demonstrate outstanding results through innovative means of community engagement or community empowerment. Entries may come from any area of local government activity, but must have community engagement, empowerment, or partnership as a key aspect. Entries may include successful collaboration with private or community organisations. The approach taken must be transferable to other local authorities.

BERL Collaborative Government Action Award

What benefits has your community achieved through your council working with other local or central government agencies?

This award recognises outstanding results that have been achieved through local authorities working with other government agencies. This category could include programmes or projects from any area of local government activity, provided there is a demonstrable community benefit, and the approach is transferable to other local authorities.

Better Regulation and Policy Award

Is your policy development or regulatory development cutting edge?

This award recognises the development of robust and effective evidence-based policy or local regulatory initiatives. Any policy, plan or regulatory initiative is eligible for this award. Entrants will be expected to clearly demonstrate their initiative was based on the application of the principles of effective policy or regulatory design and implementation, development of an evidence base and that the initiative is transferable to other local authorities.

The Minister of Local Government Innovation in Asset Management Award

How do you get the best performance from your assets?

This category, new for the 2017 Awards, recognises procedures, planning or practices that demonstrate innovative approaches to the management of assets. For example this might be an excellent infrastructure strategy or asset plan, an innovative approach to demand management, a new use of technology, or the innovative use or creation of asset related data. The entry must be capable of transfer to, or application by, other local authorities. Submission of constructed projects will not, in themselves, meet these criteria.

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