The 2021 Marsh SOLGM Risk Management Forum provides the risk manager with practical and current advice for managing the major risks and advising those with governance and decision-making responsibility for the risk function.

Please note the 2021 Forum will be delivered over four online sesions

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About this event


The 2021 Marsh SOLGM Risk Management provides the risk manager with practical and current advice for managing the major risks and advising those with governance and decision-making responsibility for the risk function.

2020 will go down in history as the year of the pandemic. We invest considerable time in developing our business continuity plans for the major disruptors so how did they stand the tests 2020 put them to, and what can we learn moving ahead. We’ll also look at the human side of Covid-19 and how local authorities (and others have managed the risks)

The national climate change risk assessment’s been out for some six months now (nine by the time of the Forum). What lessons can councils take for their own local area risk assessments.

This year’s sampling of topics includes:

  • the big picture and risk – local government reforms and ongoing risk issues
  • people risks and the pandemic
  • insurance strategies
  • calculating maximum probable loss
  • enhancing resilience to natural hazard risk
  • the Auditor-General’s work on risk management.

Whether you are a specialist risk manager or someone with an interest in a particular risk, mitigation or topic our per council charge encourages you to attend (with as many of your colleagues as possible).

The cost for this event is $750+GST per council.

Only one person is required to complete the registration on the SOLGM website, details on how to access the online event will be emailed directly to this person closer to the event start date. This information can then be shared with all staff in your council who wish to participate in the live sessions

If participants are unable to attend any of these sessions, recordings will be made available within one week of the events end date. Recodings can be distributed within councils who have purchased a ticket.


Monday 22 March

9.30 am Introduction to the Forum

9.35 am A Word from Our Sponsors: BCPs and the Pandemic
Parth Patel, Director - Risk Assurance, Technology Risk, PwC

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic has highlighted the ever-changing threat landscape (cyber attacks, insider threats, geo-political events, pandemics or a combination thereof). Parth has been working with a range of our key clients in the public and private sector to work through their resiliency and continuity arrangements. He is able to share his experience and insights on what good enablers for enterprise and operational resilience are as well as the common pitfalls which New Zealand organisations are currently working through.

10.35 am People and the Pandemic: What Did We Do and What Did We Learn?
Louise Miller, Chief Executive, Kaipara District Council and Chair of the SOLGM Workforce Working Party
Jo Miller, Chief Executive, Hutt City Council
Adrienne Thomas, Health and Safety Specialist, Rotorua Lakes Council

This year’s forum occurs year to the day after New Zealand moved to Covid-19 level four alert. This session reflects on what we learned about our people, the challenges and opportunities as we’ve moved through the pandemic and what lessons we for the future. This is not a dry ‘the law says this’ session, but a practical session delivered by those with responsibilities for a real-life workforce.

11.35 am Summing Up

11.40 am Close of Session

SESSION TWO: Some Other Infomation

Tuesday 23 March

9.30 am Introduction to the Module

9.35 am The Big Picture and Risks
Philip Jones, Director, PJA
Bruce Robertson, Director, RBRL

There is a Chinese proverb “may you live in interesting times”. There is a tsunami of reform on the way for the sector with water reform (both three waters and freshwater), RMA reform, ongoing change to the Building Act, as well as a conversation about the sector and its role in promoting community wellbeing.

This panel featuring two long-standing Risk and Assurance Committee chairs providing some thoughts on the big issues coming up and their risk implications. This is an interactive and practical session.

10.50 am The Auditor-General’s Reflections on Risk Management (pre-recorded)
Kristin Aitken, Sector Manager Local Government, Office of the Auditor-General

The Auditor-General has looked at local authorities’ approaches to managing risk.  This session will discuss key themes and examples of good practice that they have seen, and where councils would benefit from more support in their management of risk.

11.40 am Summing Up

11.45 am End of Session


Wednesday 24 March

9.30 am Introduction to the Session

9.35 am A Word from Our Sponsor: Climate Risks and CAT Modelling
Sophie Griffin, Principal Consultant, Marsh Advisory
Ellie Diaz AMBCI, Principal, Consulting Solutions, Marsh Advisory, Pacific

10.15 am A Case Study: Auckland Council’s Cumulative Loss Modelling Study

Amit Prashar, Insurance and Claims Manager, Auckland Council

One of the items that’s come through from last year’s forum is an update on this study. Auckland’s completed Phase One, which has given them a region-wide view of the asset base spread with an overlay of the hazards to both above and below ground assets. This will include an online demo of the tool.  

11.00 am A Case Study: Christchurch City Council’s Insurance Strategy

Diane Brandish. GM Finance and Commercial, Acting

A case study from a council that’s taken a first principles look at insurance.

11.30 am What’s Coming Up: The SOLGM Update

Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, NZ SOLGM

All the latest from SOLGM and its good works for, and on behalf of the sector, as well as the latest from within the Wellington Beltway

12.05 pm Close of Session

12.00 pm Summing Up


Thursday 25 March

9.30 am Introduction to the Session

9.35 am Local Climate Change Risk Assessments

James Hughes, Climate and Resilience Specialist, Tonkin and Taylor

This two-hour session will session advice on doing a local climate change building on the lessons from those that have done risk assessments to date. 

11.20 am A Case Study: Enhancing Resilience to Natural Hazards in Tauranga

Steve Raynor, Resilience Specialist, Tauranga City Council

In the last two years, TCC has completed a set of extensive studies for specific natural hazards such as erosion, sea level rise, storm surge, liquefaction, tsunami and landslides. The information has been used to identify risk hotspots in areas that need mitigation with some 300 projects identified for inclusion in various plans and strategies. This is not only a story about the use of technology but local leadership and action.

12.00 pm Summing Up

12.05 pm Close of Forum


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