LG Accelerated Leadership is a highly interactive, practical programme designed to allow participants to discuss and debate the qualities and behaviours of great leaders. It focusses on authentic leadership, making a difference in their role, and delivering results for their councils.

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About this event

Module 1: A leadership mindset - face to face workshop - Wednesday 5th August 2020

Module 2: Engaging hearts and minds - virtual workshop (split in to two sessions) - Friday 4th September 2020 & Wednesday 16th September 2020

Module 3: Relationships, influence and collaboration - face to face workshop - Tuesday 13th October 2020

Module 4: Customer driven culture - virtual workshop (split into two sessions) - Wednesday 3rd November 2020 & Friday 13th November 2020

Module 5: Driving change - face to face workshop - Wednesday 9th December 2020