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About this event

There’s now less than a year to 30 June 2021 and the last stop on SOLGM’s Road to 2021 is the Last Stop for LTP ’21 Forum – a last chance to discuss some of the core factors that will shape the 2021 LTP.

We’ve recognised that training and travel budgets have felt the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s event will be delivered online in a modular format, with the charge for attendance set as a per council charge and the recordings and other materials fully accessible to all in councils that register.

This year’s event is in a modular format – each with a theme or challenge that will flavour the way you approach the 2021 LTP. Topics include:

  • the economy post-Covid
  • reflecting Covid in the 21 LTP
  • wellbeing, outcomes and the LTP
  • some things to remember when engaging on the ‘21 LTP
  • climate change in the LTP
  • and, of course, the usual updates from the Audit Office and from SOLGM.

The cost of this event is $750+GST per council.

If you are unable to watch the live event, please register anyway and we will send you a recording!

Session One 24th August 2020: The LTP Post-Covid

9.30am Welcome to the Forum and Introduction to the Session
Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM

9.35am The Economy Post-Covid
Ganesh Nana, Principal Economist, BERL

To open the module and the event we begin with some reflections on the developing post-Covid economy, what it means for local communities, and other aspects of the economic backdrop for the LTP. Ganesh will also reflect on the work BERL are doing to produce the 2020 edition of the adjustors and cost index.

10.25am The LTP Post-Covid

Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM

The key messages from SOLGM’s upcoming practice note on Covid-19, the recovery and the 2021 LTP and key challenges – with a few obiter dicta thrown in.

11.10am The LTP Post-Covid – Sector Panel

Michael Hodder, Community Services Group Manager, Rangitikei District Council
David McCorkindale, Group Manager Customer and Strategy, Horowhenua District Council
Peter Ryan, Corporate Performance Manager, Christchurch City Council

Some practitioner tips and for approaching an LTP in an era of especially imperfect information and more than usually limited time.

11.55am Summing Up

12.00pm End of Session One

Session Two 25th August 2020: Well-being, Community and the LTP

9.30am Introduction to the Session

9.40am Wellbeing, Outcomes and the LTP

Kate Macnaught, Manager Sector Improvement, SOLGM
Dr Mike Reid, Principal Advisor, Local Government New Zealand
Susan Edwards, Community Development Manager, Tasman District Council

A panel discussion on the ‘wellbeing LTP’ what it means in practice, and how councils might reflect their approach to community wellbeing in their LTP.

10.30am Office of the Auditor-General Update
Hugh Jory, Sector Manager – Local Government, Office of the Auditor-General

A session informing and reminding you what you can expect from your audit provider, and the Office of the Auditor-General in the next ten months Including financial and infrastructure strategies, the consultation documents and other things that the auditors look for when they are auditing the future.

11.20am Engagement on the LTP – Some Things to Remember

Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM

A few things to remember about the engagement on the LTP and some lessons from previous LTP rounds. This session will have an audience participation component.

12.00pm End of the Session

Session Three 26th August 2020: Climate Change and the LTP

9.30am Introduction to the Session

9.35am Climate Change in the LTP – SOLGM’s Advice
Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, SOLGM

The key messages from SOLGM’s upcoming practice note on climate change in the 2021 LTP

10.15am Climate Change in the LTP Panel

Kristin Aitken, Sector Manager – Local Government, Office of the Auditor-General
Dr Chris Cameron, Climate Change Champion Nelson City Council
Dr Brandy Griffin, Principal Advisor Climate Change, Kapiti Coast District Council

A panel providing practical perspectives and other useful tips as you weave climate change into your LTP ‘story’.

11.15am What’s Coming Up From SOLGM?
Chelsey Reid, Policy Advisor – Sector Improvement., SOLGM

And to finish, an update on SOLGM, its good works for and on behalf of the sector, and on assorted matters from within the Wellington “beltway”.

11.45am Summing Up

11.50am End of Session