Delivered digitally in six modules.

The annual forum for Governance Professionals and Committee Advisors.

About this event

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Delivered digitally in six modules.

Governance Professionals Forum 2020: Governance in a Changing World.

This year’s Forum focuses on how COVID-19 has impacted governance staff and the changes that have been adopted into our new operating environment. The Forum also looks at the retrieval and release of official information and how the principle of LGOIMA operates. The programme will cover the legislative changes for central and local government, co-governance, and finally, it will take a look back at the 2019 election inductions.

A virtual forum of recorded and live sessions between 27 July to 14 August 2020 for:

  • governance or democracy services managers and staff
  • executive secretaries and assistants with responsibility for committee support
  • those responsible for LGOIMA requests
  • those responsible for storage and retrieval of information

This event is open to local government employees, and employees of council controlled organisations.