The Persuasive Adviser programme tackles the challenge internal advisers have with cutting through with their advice. It will give you all you need to make the difference you know you can make, to get invited to provide your advice 5 or 10 times more than you are now, so you can create the change that is needed.

  • ‘The West Wing’ - SOLGM Offices, 85 The Terrace, Wellington, Wellington City, New Zealand
  • 900.00 (plus GST) Members
  • 900.00 (plus GST) Non Members
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About this event

Would you like to achieve greater impact with colleagues and other stakeholders, in supporting longer term outcomes that will benefit your community?

If so, join us at the upcoming Persuasive Advisor Training Event and learn practical tools and techniques that will enable you to have a greater impact in your interactions as a trusted advisor.

Author of the acclaimed ‘Winning Conversations – How to turn red tape into blue ribbon’, Bryan Whitefield will be with us to present a training model that he has developed that allows participants to stand in the shoes of their clients, understand their problems and deliver solutions that are trusted and therefore acted on.

Bryan understands the time frames that participants are often up against when presenting to colleagues and others – that it can take hours to prepare the advice, and yet there may only be 15 minutes available to deliver it and therefore these 15 minutes cannot be wasted.

When applied successfully the model can help reduce frustrations experienced by advisors and help them to be ambitious about what they can achieve.

Bryan has over 30 years’ experience working with organisations across every sector, including all levels of government, not-for-profit, and a range of SME’s. Bryan received outstanding feedback from the ‘Persuasive Advisor’ course he ran recently for Customs New Zealand, and is connected into the NZ LG sector through his long association with Civic Assurance.

Who should attend?

This event is designed for senior staff and leaders who interact with and provide advice to colleagues, elected members and other stakeholders.

The training recognises prior learning, existing skills and established relationships that participants have. It focuses on the application of new techniques so that participants can provide advice succinctly and with clarity, to achieve the desired outcomes.


"This is a great interactive session that makes you think. You are pushed to be outside of your comfort zone but safely. Definitely recommend this course." - 2019 SOLGM Attendee

"Bryan was knowledgeable and engaging. The session was fun and interactive while learning. Easy to apply tools and tactics." - 2019 SOLGM Attendee

“Thought provoking, moved me outside of my comfort zone. Great tools/techniques to use” – Jenny Shin, Corporate Risk Manager, Sydney Water

“Bryan’s course provided me with the foundations for building stronger relationships and achieving business results” – Jason Hall, Risk & Insurance Team Leader, Wollongong City Council

"Not a typical or theoretical course at all--certainly will recommend to my colleagues."
Persuasive Adviser Program Participant, Wellington, New Zealand


Bryan Whitefield
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