The Post-election Workshop is a triennial debrief for those involved in managing local elections to come together as a group to review the election process and set the agenda for the next three years.

  • 06 Dec 2019
  • 9:00 AM
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  • James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, Wellington, Wellington City, New Zealand
  • 575.00 (plus GST) Members
  • 680.00 (plus GST) Non Members
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About this event


The Electoral Officers debrief is a triennial debrief for those involved in managing local elections to come together as a group to review the election process and set the agenda for the next three years.

By attending this workshop you will gain:

  • A review and debrief of the elections including all the interesting things that happened
  • An update on the Modernising Voting review, its progress to date and likely developments
  • The best pro-active initiatives used to reach more voters
  • An input into the next triennial planning cycle

Who should attend:

  • - Electoral officers and Deputy Electoral officers
  • - Democracy Services/Governance Managers
  • - Communications staff involved in the 2019 elections
  • - All local government managers and staff with responsibilities for conducting or supporting elections


8.30am Registration

9.00am Chairs Welcome and Opening Address
David Ward, Chair Democracy and Governance Support Working Party

9.05am The 2019 Elections: Identifying and overcoming key challenges and other Lessons Learned
Dean Heiford
15 minutes presentation from the Chair of the Electoral Subcommittee on the 2019 election issues followed by questions and answers.

9.35am Stories from the Coalface - A Table Top Discussion
Facilitated by Elizabeth Hughes

Every electoral official can tell a story or two about the local elections. The 2019 elections will be no different. In this part of the forum we’ll ask you to share the humourous, the annoying, the outrageous and the downright offbeat and ask what legislative, regulatory or practice issue might have driven that?

10.45am Morning Tea

11.05am The 2019 Electoral Officers Post-Election Survey including LGNZ/DIA Survey – Results and Issues
Kate Macnaught, Manager – Sector Improvement, SOLGM & Dr Mike Reid, Principal Analyst, Local Government New Zealand

What’s come through in the post-election survey of electoral officers and what other issues arose during the 2019 election process.

11.25am Partner's Panel
Viki Ferguson, Project Manager, Digital Solutions, NZ Post and Duncan Burman, Regional Operations Manager – Central/Southern, NZ Post
Ross McPherson, Manager - Enrolment and Community Engagement Operations, Electoral Commission

Short 10 minute presentation from each of NZ Post and the Electoral Commission followed by questions to the Partners Panel.

12.00pm Modernising Voting

Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor SOLGM & Dean Heiford, Chair, ESUB and John Sutton, DIA

Short presentation by Raymond followed by a Panel discussion with Raymond Horan, Dean Heiford and John Sutton

  • Future of Postal Voting
  • Legislative Initiatives
  • Modernising Voting Review, progress to date and likely developments including:

-Accessibility for people of disability and people with English as second language
-Overseas, remote areas and temporary absentee voting
-De-linking DHB elections
-Online Voting: unresolved issues
-Centralised local elections

12.30pm Reaching the Voters
Marguerite Delbet, General Manager Democracy Services, Auckland Council & Dominic Tay, Senior Democracy Advisor & Deputy lectoral Officer, Wellington City Council

  • Initiatives to Address Voter Needs

Holistic user driven strategies, including looking at:

- overseas experiences in Maldives, Africa, Los Angeles
- electronic voting at libraries and council offices as opposed to online voting
- compulsory voting
- webinar for candidates
-Vote-off proposal for councils

  • Proactive initiatives:

- Auckland Council
- (Can good Election Communications improve Turnout?)
- Hamilton City
- Wellington City (Voting hub in Wellington City, ballot box at train station, special votes, shared communications campaign)
- EO feedback on Ballot Box Placement

1.00pm Lunch

1.45pm Discussion Groups
Facilitators: comprise volunteers from ESUB/DGS/ SOLGM/Sector, 1 or 2 for each topic.

Pick one from:

A. Challenges in Dealing with Social Media – facilitated by Kate MacNaught

- How did social media fit into all the things that happened?
- CEO change of responsibility impact
- Elected member communications guidance

B. Representation Reviews and Changes to the Local Government Commission - facilitated by Donald Riezebos,
Chief Executive Officer, Local Government Commission

  • The 2019 representation reviews - the process, the outcomes and issues encountered
  • Recent changes to the legislation governing the Commission and local government reorganisation
  • The Commission's future

C. Accessible Elections for Candidates and Voters - facilitated by Julie Straka, Governance Lead, New Plymouth District Council

  • This workshop will focus on making candidacy and voting accessible to the broadest range of people
  • This workshop will share New Plymouth District Council's efforts to make the 2019 election as accessible to all electors as possible

2.20pm Blue skies - A Table Top Discussion
Facilitated by Elizabeth Hughes

Back to your table tops to discuss the following questions:

Envisioning the long view of the way forward?

  • If you were designing a Local Electoral Act from a white piece of paper what would you put in it?
  • What electoral research would you find valuable?

            2.55pm Your Election Providers’ Perspective – Panel Session
            Warwick Lampp, Chief Returning Officer, and Dale Ofsoske, Managing Director, Election Services Ltd

            What worked well and what didn’t work so well, from an election providers perspective. Five minutes presentation each then open it up to panel discussion.

            3.25pm A Focus for the Next Three Years
            David Ward, Chair, SOLGM Democracy and Governance Support Working Party and Dean Heiford, Chair of the SOLGM Electoral Subcommittee

            - Outline the work programme of ESUB, plus additional items
            - Ask delegates what else they would like in the programme

            3.50pm Summing Up
            David Ward, Chair, SOLGM Democracy and Governance Support Working Party


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            Mike Reid
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            Electoral Officer Read Profile
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            Chief Returning Officer - Business Development Manager, Read Profile
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