Taking the Pain out of Pre-election Reports Webinar

This webinar, scheduled by popular demand, covers the contents and processes involved in preparing a pre-election report.

2019 is an election year (just in case you didn’t get the memo), and with election year comes the triennial responsibility to prepare a pre-election report.

This webinar, scheduled by popular demand, covers the contents and processes involved in preparing a pre-election report.

We focus on the aspects that we’ve seen in some of the better reports, and why bare legal compliance won’t get the job done. We’ll also add in a mention of something extra were working on that you might find worth including in the pre-election report.

Don’t forget - the 2019 pre-election reports are due by 2 August 2019

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar is open to elected members and employees of local authorities, others by invitation only. This webinar is being charged on a per council basis.

We will send out a link with login instructions for the webinar the day before the webinar (Tuesday 12 February). You'll have access to the webinar recording so you don't have to be available at the time of the live webinar.


  • Raymond Horan

    Chief Advisor, SOLGM

    Raymond re-joined SOLGM in June 2014 taking on a new role, Sector Improvement Manager. He has spent most of the last 20 years in local government related roles, most recently with the Department of Internal Affairs.

    He describes his job as two-thirds, providing assistance to the local government sector and one-third providing advice to central government on local government matters. His ambition is to help develop a Local Government Act that doesn’t require changes every 18 months. He asks that you wish him well with this task.

  • Kate Macnaught

    Interim Manager, Sector Improvement, SOLGM

    Kate is our Manager, Sector Improvement. Kate is responsible for developing the Well-beings Indicator Project and overseeing the Vote 2019 project as well as other developments in Sector Improvement area for SOLGM.

    Kate’s previous roles have included Policy Manager at LGNZ where she worked on Better Local Government Reforms, the Productivity Review on Regulation, as well as other policy areas. Prior to that she was Strategy and Policy Manager at New Plymouth District Council.

    Kate came to New Zealand fourteen years ago where she was Regional Head of Business and Enterprise in the Regional Development Agency for the North East of England and Chief Executive of the Northern Business Forum.

    Kate has been a Director on several Boards in the UK and set up Excellence North East to run the Business Excellence Assessment Programme using the EFQM Excellence Model.

    In her spare time Kate enjoys music, reading and good food.