For those within councils who are involved with contracts and procurement. This workshop covers how to negotiate, monitor and manage effective contracts with suppliers.

  • Mercure Wellington Abel Tasman (Willis Street), Wellington, New Zealand
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  • 1,200.00 (plus GST) Non Members
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About this event

Contract Management - for those within councils who are involved with contracts and procurement.

This workshop covers:

  • The importance of good contract management
  • Deciding the right procurement and contract models to attract the best suppliers and to achieve the required business outcomes
  • Selecting the right suppliers to meet the contract requirements
  • Setting up the contract
  • Setting up performance frameworks
  • Implementing the contract
  • Managing and improving delivery of the contract
  • Managing contract reviews
  • What to do if things go wrong

It also touches on recent issues with contract management within the sector and how to avoid pitfalls. Registrations are now open.

Two Day Workshop Outline

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Overview The workshop is interactive and works through real examples from the attendees.


  • The new paradigm of contract management - Collaborative - Courteous - Considerate
  • Key objectives - Know what you need and want - Attract the best suppliers - Choose the right ones - Manage them fairly
  • Contract Management lifecycle
  • Where it all fits
  • The psychology of business
  • 4 guiding principles
  • Becoming the client of choice and why that’s critical

Developing a strategy

  • DOSAC – Strategy development tool
  • Develop a procurement strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Go to market models
  • Contract models
  • Category analysis

Going to market

  • The pre-RFP workshops
  • Selection process and evaluating proposals
  • Interactive supplier workshops


  • Agreement in principle
  • Implementation workshops
  • Developing a balanced performance framework
  • Contract

Managing delivery

  • Rollout
  • Relationship management and contract management
  • Service delivery

Contract Reviews

  • Reviewing objectives
  • Tactical review
  • Strategic review

Trouble shooting

  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Permission to address risks
  • Assertive vs aggressive


  • Fundamentals of negotiation

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