LTP 101: An Introduction to the 2018 LTP - Part 1 and 2

LTP 101 Webinars are an introduction to the range of content and processes that go into an effective, compliant long-term plan.

LTP 101 webinars are an introduction to the range of content and processes that go into an effective, compliant long-term plan.

The webinars are aimed at:

  • new LTP managers and project team members who want to understand what it’s all about
  • those contributing small parts to the content (such as an activity plan) who want to know how their part fits with the rest.

The focus of the webinars are descriptive – they will focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

Webinar One: Wednesday, 14 June at 10:00 am

  • what the LTP is and does
  • the LTP and the Local Government Act
  • the 2018 LTP jigsaw
  • the six ground rules for long-term planning
  • the purpose of local government (as reimagined in 2012)
  • community outcomes and activity choice
  • grouping activities
  • infrastructure strategies and asset plans
  • levels of service, performance measures and targets

Webinar Two: Wednesday, 21 June at 10:00 am

  • financial strategy and prudence
  • financial policies
  • the consultation document
  • getting the community involved
  • what else goes in an LTP
  • the LTP audit
  • SOLGM’s LTP guidance
  • The Road to 2018 events

The low fee of $450.00 (+GST) per council allows access for your whole council to both webinars. Please note you only need to register your council once and the links can then be shared around your council.

Please be aware the LTP 101 webinars are primarily designed for those new to the LTP and those who may contribute only one or two parts of the LTP. The webinars will be substantially similar to the LTP 101 webinars run last October. Therefore, the webinars are aimed at those who didn't attend the 2016 webinars.


  • Raymond Horan

    Chief Advisor, SOLGM

    Raymond re-joined SOLGM in June 2014 taking on a new role, Sector Improvement Manager. He has spent most of the last 20 years in local government related roles, most recently with the Department of Internal Affairs.

    He describes his job as two-thirds, providing assistance to the local government sector and one-third providing advice to central government on local government matters. His ambition is to help develop a Local Government Act that doesn’t require changes every 18 months. He asks that you wish him well with this task.