How Local Government Works Induction Series - Q&A session

This interactive webinar is an opportunity for council employees who are new to the local government sector to ask any questions they may have with in terms of planning, policy and finance.

This is an opportunity for council employees who are new to the local government sector to join Raymond Horan, Manager, Sector Improvement, SOLGM and Rebecca Lloyd, Director, RL Consulting for an interactive webinar.

This will be of interest to any new staff but particularly those involved in planning, policy and financial management roles or staff involved with elected members, such as committee advisors. However those with longer service (from 6-18 months) may also have questions if they are moving to a team leader or management role.

This session is designed to be an update of our How Local Government Works Series - a fantastic tool for introducing new employees to the legislative environment of local government. You can find out more information on our HLGW Induction Series here.

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Councils who are registered for the HLGW Induction Series - No charge

Councils not registered for the HLGW Induction Series - $200.00 excl GST per council

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  • Raymond Horan

    Chief Advisor, SOLGM

    Raymond re-joined SOLGM in June 2014 taking on a new role, Sector Improvement Manager. He has spent most of the last 20 years in local government related roles, most recently with the Department of Internal Affairs.

    He describes his job as two-thirds, providing assistance to the local government sector and one-third providing advice to central government on local government matters. His ambition is to help develop a Local Government Act that doesn’t require changes every 18 months. He asks that you wish him well with this task.

  • Rebecca Lloyd

    Director, RL Consulting

    Rebecca is a Resource Management Planner and Policy Analyst with experience in central and local government as well as private practice. She has carried out work in the following areas:

    • Resource consents application processing and preparation
    • Treaty of Waitangi Settlement Negotiations
    • Resource Management Best Practice guidance and training
    • Resource Consent and Plan submission preparation
    • Summarising Resource Consent, Plan and legislative submissions
    • Section 32 analysis
    • Central and Local Government policy development