LGCareers is the brand under which SOLGM delivers its recruitment and retention initiative - an initiative that supports the sector attract and retain quality talent.

The LGCareers website contains information for those starting their careers or looking for a new career. It includes information on why local government is a great career option, the range of job roles and careers available, what SOLGM provides in the way of career enhancements and it also links to LGJobs, the only local government specific jobs board in New Zealand so visitors can immediately see what's currently on offer.

The 'Take a closer look at a career in local government' campaign

In April 2016 SOLGM launched this campaign at our annual Gala Dinner with the first screening of the campaign's video. In 2018 the video was updated, you can view the video in the LGCareers' website here.

The video, with supporting marketing collateral, is available to all councils that subscribe to SOLGM's Recruitment and Retention initiative. Both the video and the flyers can be branded to include council's own logo and contact details. For councils that aren't able to add these elements to the video we can organise that through our production company - with SOLGM covering the cost (some conditions apply).

Pull-up banners are also available to loan for career days.

Careers Expos

From time to time SOLGM will also take a booth space at careers expos to promote the LGCareer's initiative. Subscribing councils are able to use the booth to promote their own career initiatives - that could include providing their own career collateral and/or requesting that a representative knowledgeable in their council's career options attend.

Four councils participated in a recent careers expo in Wellington - you can find photos from that expo here. Councils interested in taking part in any future expos should email our Marketing and Communications staff to find out more including having your own career's collateral in our booth or having a council rep attend.