The Central Government - Local Government Chief Executives Forum was set up by the Department of Internal Affairs and SOLGM to foster a better and more collaborative working relationship with key central agencies and local government.

The current members of the Forum have been selected to represent a cross section of the sector, from different regions:

From the Metropolitan Sector

  • Stephen Town - Auckland Council
  • Kevin Lavery - Wellington City Council
  • Sue Bidrose - Dunedin City Council

From the Provincial Sector

  • Langley Cavers - Hauraki District Council
  • Barbara McKerrow - New Plymouth District Council
  • Ross McLeod - Hastings District Council
  • Judy Campbell - Gisborne District Council

From the Regional Sector

  • Bill Bayfield - Environment Canterbury
  • Lindsay McKenzie - Tasman District Council


On 30 January 2013, the inaugural Central Government - Local Government Chief Executives Forum was held.

Nine local government chief executives meet for two hours with six central government colleagues. At that meeting, the Terms of Reference were agreed, followed by a general discussion about the similarities and differences in the Chief Executive position at the central and local government level. The participants agreed that a better understanding of the drivers and systems of each sphere of government at the managerial level will enhance policy development and implementation.

The meetings are ongoing and held at least three times a year.

Click here to view the Terms of Reference (PDF, 91 kb)