The Planning and Accountability Working Party (PWP) supports achievement of SOLGM’s vision by promoting high standards of integrated planning and policy development, and the associated accountability and reporting arrangements. 2. PWP shall focus on, but is not limited to, planning and reporting under the Local Government Act 2002, district planning, spatial/integrated strategic planning, and the planning requirements of other legislation.


  • monitor the environment within which local authorities operate and provide the Executive with timely advice on issues that fall within its.
  • develop and present sector responses on issues in response to developments in the policy and operational environment, or in anticipation of such developments. Development of such responses may be in conjunction with other bodies (for example, Local Government New Zealand, the New Zealand Planning Institute etc)
  • identify good practice in local authority planning and disseminate this to the local government sector
  • identify training and professional development needs relevant to planning, and develop or commission programmes to meet those needs
  • build relationships with those stakeholders with interests in, or the ability to influence, planning policy and practice in local authorities.

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Current Members:

Wendy Walker, Chief Executive - Porirua City

Deputy Chair:
Sheryl Bryant, General Manager - City Futures at Palmerston North City Council


Susan Edwards, Community Development Manager - Tasman District Council

Michael Hodder, Community and Regulatory Services Group Manager - Rangitikei District Council

David McCorkindale, Senior Manager Strategic Planning - Horowhenua District Council

Rebecca Perrett, General Manager Environmental Services - Tauranga City Council

Katherine Quinn, Senior Strategic Planner - Hauraki District Council

David Totman, Principal Advisor - Waipa District Council

Kataraina O’Brien, Strategic Engagement Manager - Bay of Plenty Regional Council

2015/16 Report from Planning and Accountability Working Party Chair

Chris Ingle, West Coast Regional Council

The Planning and Accountability Working Party (PWP) supports the achievement of SOLGM’s vision by promoting high standards of integrated planning and policy development, and the associated accountability and reporting arrangements.

The 2015/16 year has been a very productive one for PWP with work continuing on long-term plan guidance. In late 2015, SOLGM released a long-term plan debrief, in essence a survey of council experiences, informing how SOLGM should approach further guidance.

The working party helped shape a successful Community Plan Forum, held in Christchurch in August 2015.SOLGM saw one of its largest attendances to an annual Forum, with 110 delegates. A variety of topics were covered including financial and infrastructure strategies, engagement, and performance and asset information.

During the year PWP continued to work collaboratively with other SOLGM working parties. Alongside the Financial Working Party, the six ground rules to long-term planning were developed. These rules will help shape further guidance, including a revision of the long-term plan guide on performance management (formerly known as Still Your Side of the Deal). Performance management has been a key theme for PWP.

By the end of the financial year work had begun on SOLGM’s submission to the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (2), also known as the Better Local Services legislation. The outcomes from the Bill will influence PWP future work programme.

The working party will continue with revised Terms of Reference but no change of name, in the 2015/16 financial year.PWP will work with other working parties on projects in the upcoming year, particularly, around the handover of the performance management work to the newly formed Business Performance Working Party.

PWP Members in the 2015/16 year:

Chris Ingle (Chair), Andrew Boyle, Julie Gardyne, Steve Gibling (to May), Michael Hodder, Christine Jones, David McCorkindale, Michelle Staines-Hawthorn (to March), and Nedine Thatcher-Swann

Observers:Svea Cunliffe-Steel (OAG)

SOLGM Staff:Raymond Horan (lead), Shivani Makwana