Future Workforce Forum

A Forum for all those involved in addressing the future shape of the local government workforce.

  • 08 Jun - 09 Jun
  • Macs Function Centre, Wellington
  • 8.45 am - 5.00 pm
  • $805.00 excl. GST. for members
  • $925.00 excl. GST. for non-members
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“The Future of Work inspires you to rethink how employees work, how managers lead, and how organizations are structured. “ Gary Hamel

This is the inspiring quote behind the programme for this year’s Future Workforce Forum. As we plan for the future we need to face the reality of change. Our four burning topics for this year address the meaty issues of diversity, disruptive technologies, recruitment and retention and leadership. They are the heart of our Councils and sector growth.

The Programme

8 June 2017

8.30am - 9.00am: Registrations desk opens, welcome message from the Master of Ceremonies

9.00am: Keynote - Diversity and Tomorrow's Employee
Ganesh Nana, Economist BERL

What attitudes and behaviours are shaping the dynamics of our workplaces? What strategies will we need to create to address the decline of baby boomers and their expectations v’s the rise of the millennials and their expectations. Are they really so different?

10.00am: A word from our sponsors
Ian Brown, Chief Executive, Civic Financial Services Ltd

10.20am Morning Tea and Networking Activity

11.00am: Breakout Session One:
Workshop Stream 1: Diversity Frameworks-Could this work for you?
Fezeela Raza, Auckland Council
Workshop Stream 2: Bi-Cultural Capability Development Programme
Rotorua Lakes District Council

12.00pm: Lunch

1.00pm: Speed Dating Networking Session

1.30pm: Keynote - Disruptive Technologies and Workforce Impact
Kris Nygren, Partner, Digital and Customer Leader PWC

What does the Future Workforce Look like? What are we dealing with right here right now, and what does "Dr Spock" say we should be preparing for in the next 5-10 years?

2.15pm: SOLGM Update

2.30pm: Breakout Session Two:
Workshop Stream 1: Digitisation – a journey of change for people and processes
Marion Dowd, Western Bay of Plenty

As part of Western Bay’s drive for smarter use of technology identified in its corporate plan it has undertaken a review of its LIM and Building Consent processes. Digitisation is one way that technology provides opportunities for change for staff in the way they work, where they work, how services are delivered and for customers to take up new or alternative services. This session will offer some practical insights as to how Western Bay staff have changed the way they work in order to deliver building consents and LIMs to customers.

Workshop Stream 2: Using Digital and Innovative Technology to enhance back office processes and community engagement
Georgiana Johnson, Datacom

3.15: Afternoon Tea

3.45pm: Spotlight - Health and Safety One Year On
Fiona Carney, Simpson Grierson

4.30pm: Health and Safety as a Shared Service - A Success Formula
Sharon Grant, Horizons Regional Council

5.00pm: Master of Ceremonies Wrap up

9 June 2017

8.30am: Networking

9.00am: Keynote - Retention and Recruitment Strategies: Talent Management-a shift in thinking
Clare Hadley, CE Nelson City Council

9.35am: Workforce Continuity after a Crisis
Peter Grant, Assistant Auditor General, Corporate Services OAG

10.00am: Spotlight on: SSC Talent Management Framework-Can we adapt for LG?
Jerry Grafton, Senior Advisor Leadership Development Centre (LDC)

10.30am: Morning Tea

11.00am: Breakout Session One:

Workshop Stream 1: Strategies for recruiting ‘hard to fill roles’, easy to fill roles and everything in between"
Andrew Steele, Talent Generator Group, AK

Workshop Stream 2: Flexible Workplaces-Bouquets and Brickbats-what’s worked and what hasn’t
Ian Maxwell, Auckland Council

12.00pm: Lunch

1.00pm: Keynote - Leadership that will take your organisation forward: How to Play with Fire
Digby Scott, Restless-Go-Getter, Edgy Sportsman and Leadership Guru
What if you could
equip your next generation of leaders to deal with anything? If you could achieve that, what might happen? Are you putting too much leadership development emphasis on people who are already in traditional leadership roles- and not enough on the people who are the promise of the future? Find out why investing development efforts only in traditional leadership roles is folly and start investing in strategies to future proof your Council and our wider society

2.15pm: Breakout Session Two:
Workshop Stream 1: Brush up your Coaching Conversations
Megan Whitaker, Capability Group
Workshop Stream 2: Hands-up if you are a Leader
Emlyn Hatch, Organisational Development Manager Tauranga City Council

3.30pm: Master of Ceremonies Wrap up