Draft SOLGM Submission – Justice and Electoral Inquiry into Local Elections

The Justice and Electoral Committee has called for submissions on its inquiry into the 2016 local elections.

SOLGM’s Democracy and Governance Support Working Party and its associated Electoral Subcommittee have taken note of the lengthy submission period and have decided to take advantage of this to think through some of the practical and technical issues involved with some proposals such as access to the unpublished roll. We are making an initial submission to highlight some items that we consider should be in place before the 2019 elections.

The proposals in this document are open for feedback. They are not, and may never be, SOLGM policy. While there are several discussion questions scattered throughout the document, we welcome thoughts on any matters raised in the document or (and just as important) matters that aren’t in the document that you consider should be.

SOLGM is a managerial member organisation and as such regards it as inappropriate for it to comment on governance matters. For example, SOLGM will not be submitting for or against the proposals in Andrew Judd’s petition on Māori wards and constituencies because we view this as primarily a governance matter (though if there are practical or technical issues we would welcome your thoughts).

Submissions will close at 5.00pm on 2 May 2017 and should be addressed to Raymond Horan at raymond.horan@solgm.org.nz . The submission can be found at HERE